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Coldwell Banker
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I have recently teamed up with Titanium Solutions to offer homeowners yet another vital service. Titanium Solutions, based in Salt Lake City is the leading Home Retention company in the country. As a field representative for Titanium I make house calls to contact local homeowners who are having difficulties paying their mortgage.

Mortgage servicers are experts at managing loans and the related collections process. However, homeowners often view communications from servicers as rigid and intimidating. As a result, many homeowners never recognize the servicer’s desire to avoid foreclosure, and thus evade communications and never pursue an alternative to losing their home. In truth the lender's mortgage loan servicers want homeowners to stay in their homes if at all possible.

The realty is, thousands of foreclosures that happen every year could have been prevented if only the proper doors were opened. I can open these doors and help the homeowner save their home. As a Home Retention Consultant with Titanium, I have the knowledge and ability to quickly locate the right people within the lender's maze of departments with authority over financial decisions and connect them with the homeowner. I can also help the homeowner negotiate with the lender on loan terms that could stop forclosure. For example, some options available to homeowners facing forclosure are:

  • Loan Modifications – In many cases, the mortgage servicer may be willing to modify the terms of the mortgage loan.

  • Repayment Plans/Forbearance – Repayment plans enable homeowners to pay a portion of past due mortgage payments along with the current payment each month, until the loan becomes current. Forbearance can postpone the repayment of past due or current mortgage payments until a predetermined date in the future.

  • Pre-Foreclosure Sales/Short Sales – In some cases, the best option for a homeowner may be to sell the home. However, selling at an optimal price takes time that a homeowner may not have. Short sales, if approved by the mortgage servicer, enable the home to be sold for a price less than the remaining balance on the mortgage note.
I am an experienced, highly-trained real estate professional who lives in the community he serves and who really cares about the people he works with.